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Ghani Khan - Interview Part 1 by Abu Shayan

a great man ghani khan interview.

Ghani Khan Aw Sardar Ali Takkar - Yawa Wrazi Yaw Sahra Ki Pa Khaar Watay Wam Rawaan

Ghani by Takkar.

Da sparlee Shpa wa**Sardar Ali Takkar** (Ghani khan)

Atrocities by the state, plight of the Pathans, the death of his mother when he was 6 years old and death of his only son gave his poetry a philosophical colour ...

Mula jan waye azal ki -- Ghani Khan poem sung by Sardar Ali Takkar.wmv

Da star Ghani Khan baba qeemati aw rikhtiya vaina.

Abasin Yousafzay on Ghani Khan

Peshawar. Professor Abasin Yousafzay pays tribute to legendary Pakhtun poet and intellectual Khan Abdul Ghani Khan in the eve of his 16th death anniversary ...

Da Ghani khan BABA PA YAD ki hom da Ghani khan khwkaley sheearoonaدہ غنی خان پہ یاد کی۔۔۔

Published on 2 April 2019 Pashto Official Channel سبسکرائب کيئ مننه Thank you for watching our video if you like this video then do not forget like ...

Ghani khan documentry

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Ghani Khan - Moor

Da Ghani Khan pa yaad ki

Host Sardar Ali Takkar; Program: Bala Deewa.

Sardar Ali Takar سردار علی تکر (Philosopher Ghani Khan Poems دغنی بابا کلام)

دغنی بابا کلامSardar Ali Takkar (born 15th of July, 1956), a veteran of the Pashto singing scene, is mostly famous for singing the revolutionary poetry of Ghani ...

LIFE | ژوند | a poem by KHAN ABDUL GHANI KHAN

ژوند د خان عبدالغني خان د يو شعر سرليک دی چې د نجيبه سارا بياباني په غږ کې وړاندې کېږي.

Ghani Khan Ghazal Chi Pa Saski Ki Sardar ali takkar 2017

Subscribe GHK-TV for more video please!! Ghani Khan Ghazal Chi Pa Saski Ki Sardar ali takkar 2017 Pashto Ghani Khan Ghazal Chi Pa Saski Ki Sardar ...

Hazrat Usman Ghani RA Ki Shahadat Ka Waqia | The Martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman RA in Urdu

Hazrat Usman (R.A) was born in 573 A.D in a highly reputed family of “Umayyah” belonging to the tribe of Qureysh in Makkah. Banu Umayyah enjoyed a great ...

Ghani Khan - The Legendary Pashtun Poet

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Da Ghani khan pa yaad ki

Ajal khan irfan khan Abdullah khan غنی خان په یاد کښی.

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